1000 Oriental Tattoo Designs vol.2 by Tas, Jondix & Rinzing

1000 Oriental Tattoo Designs vol.2 by Tas, Jondix & Rinzing
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After the incredible success of the first book, Tas, Rinzing and Jondix are back with this incredible collection of designs that immediatley brings us to the enchanted atmospheres of Asia.  Just like the first one, this book is the perfect tool for every tattoo artist who wants a reference with this important tradition.
The designs on the sheets made by Tas, Jondix and Rinzing, besides their incredible evocative power, also have the plus of being excellent bases for various interpretations, as archetypes around which the creativity of the authors of a new tattoo takes shape.
In Relation to the first book, this new book is focused mostly on the typical figures of Hinduism and the Indian tradition, but every aspect of the great Asian-Oriental mosaic is represented in a thorough and complete way

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